PKM-TST Corrosion Monitoring Subsystems

PKM-TST subsystems are hardware and software systems for corrosion monitoring of underground steel pipelines.

The subsystems allow to control the corrosion rate with a set frequency and all the electrical parameters of corrosion environment, where a certain pipeline section is situated: AC and DC voltages on a pipeline and AC/DC currents of an auxiliary electrode, polarization potential, AC/ DC density, current inside of a pipeline (insulation quality control), resistance to alternating current spreading.

The subsystem measures such parameters as UZT drained currents, current of protection groups, grounding, drainage, resistance between a pipeline and a case and pipeline temperature;

Subsystems software outputs corrosion rate data and electrical parameters in graphic form on a timeline. This fact allows to identify the cause of corrosion and to take preventive measures.

PKM-TST subsystems include:

ПКМPKM-TST-ContCorr® is a subsystem, which measures corrosion rate and a wide range of electrical parameters of corrosion environment, where a certain pipeline section is situated.

pkm2Calculation of the corrosion rate is based on the dependence of the reference plate resistance, which is being corroded in the soil, with its thickness.

Measurement of corrosion rate and electrical parameters is carried out by using a probe with a steel reference plate, which imitates an insulation fault of pipeline coating 1cm2

ПКМ-УЗТPKM-TST-UZT is a subsystem for draining of induced AC on the pipeline with a draining block  controller and measurement of the corrosive electrical parameters.

Measurement of drained current is carried out through a noncontact current sensor.

Measurement of electrochemical protection parameters is carried out through a steel reference electrode of 1 cm2.


PKM-TST-KIP is a corrosion monitoring subsystem, which ensures remote (or manual) monitoring at the test stations assembled according different projects.

The subsystem allows to control corrosion situation at installation points of up to 4 reference electrodes with auxiliary electrodes simultaneously. It also allows to monitor grounding current, drainage current, protective groups, current at the pipeline, resistance pipeline – case, pipeline temperature etc.

Subsystems could operate in buffering data mode with manual retrieval as well as in data-forward mode through different wire and wireless channels. Volume of built-in power independent storage is 80000 records or 277 days of taking measurements every 5 minutes.

The subsystems may have the following ways of data transfer:

  • Satellite
  • VHF-radio channel
  • Fibre optic line
  • RS-485 wire interface
  • Only manual data retrieval

Subsystems have modular architecture which allows to change the set of controlling parameters and generate changeable solutions according to the client’s demand.

Power supply can be provided by a set of batteries of various capacity (from 3 to 6 years of offline work) as well as any other external sources of direct or alternating voltage.

Subsystems are featured with technologies which protect the measuring inputs from voltage and current pulsed overloading.

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