CMS-PST Corrosion Monitoring systems

ПКМ-ТСТ-КонтКоррCMS-PST-MetriCorr® – is a system, which measures corrosion rate and a wide range of electrical parameters of corrosion environment, where a certain pipeline section is situated.

Measurement of corrosion rate and electrical parameters is carried out by using a probe with a steel reference plate, which imitates an insulation fault of pipeline coating (1 cm2).

The system includes a unit for controller inputs protection against voltage and current impulse overloads.

Functional Principle

The principle of corrosion rate determination is based on dependence between resistance of corrodible reference plate and its depth.

A reference plate at the same time serves as an electrode, regarding to which the currents are measured and their densities are calculated. The plate may have different depth.

CMS-PST-MetriCorr® monitored parameters:

Parameter Range
 Corrosion rate of measuring probe reference plate, mm/year  0,001…10
 Polarisation potential structure – reference electrode (two methods), V  0…±5
 Alternating voltage structure – reference electrode, V  0…100
 Direct voltage structure – reference electrode, V  0…±7,5
 Direct current structure – measuring probe plate, mА  0…±300
 Alternating current structure – measuring probe plate, mА  0…300
 Direct current density through the measuring probe plate, kA/m2  0…±3
 Alternating current density through the measuring probe plate, kA/m2  0…3
 Resistance to spreading of alternating current, Ω*m2  0…5000
 Voltage drop at current measuring terminals (for insulation quality valuation), mV  0…1
 Current through a resistance control unit (up to 4 channels), A  0…50
 Voltage of battery, V  0…5

Main technical characteristics CMS-PST

Parameter Value
 Self-contained operation period, transferring one message per day, years, not less  3
 Capacity of internal non-volatile memory, full snapshots  80 000
 Measurement frequency  1 time per minute – 1 time per 1 month
 Data transmission interval  1 time per hour – one time per 2 months
 Range of operating temperatures (measuring process), °С  – 60…+70
 Range of operating temperatures (data transfer), °С  – 45…+60
 IP rating of equipment  IP65


Pipeline Systems and Technologies in its CMS-PST-MetriCorr® systems uses measuring probes, controllers and russified analytical software of MetriCorr ApS company.

MetriCorr ApS was founded in 2002 based on many years of corrosion research conducted in close collaboration with the oil and gas industry in Europe. This research involved great number of large projects in which various corrosion-related issues were encountered.

At present, MetriCorr ApS is one of the leading companies in the world, which provides state-of-the-art solutions, services, and products within the field of industrial corrosion risk assessment, management and monitoring. The company’s managers are well-known experts in this field. They occupy official positions in NACE (North America National Association of Corrosion Engineers) and European Committee for Corrosion Protection Standardization.

MetriCorr ApS’ key competence is production of corrosion rate monitoring equipment and special analytical software, in particular, for complex data acquisition and processing about corrosion process caused by stray and induced AC.

CMS-PST-MetriCorr Brochure