The spark gaps

Separating high power gas discharge HGS100 Ex


HGS100 Ex – Separating high power gas discharge tube HGS100 Ex for use in explosion hazards areas. It is intended for equipotential bonding of the installation parts of buildings or technological entities which are not interconnected operationally, such as:

  • grounded metal constructions;
  • gas pipes under the cathodic protection voltage


  • independent (functional) grounding devices assuring equipment operability and data processing.

In case of p.d. (potential difference) origin between those parts, the high power gas discharge tube ignites and interconnects both parts for a transient time (typical value of internal resistance at startup of HGS100 Ex is 0,001÷ 0,002Ω). Recommended installation is inside of the buildings, outdoors, in the damp rooms as well as in the subterraneous areas.

Application field

The spark gap is intended for using as a protection device for insulating monolithic joints. It prevents possible insulator damages in case of lightning stroke to the pipeline. It is flameproof.


Explosion protection rate complies with EN50014, EN50028 standard
AC threshold voltage – (50 Hz) no more 1.2kV
Spark-over voltage of the lightning discharge  – no more 2.5kV
Nominal rated discharge current – 100kA
Lightning discharge impulse current – 50 kA
Temperature range from -60°С up to +90°С

EC-Type examination certificate II 2GD EEx m II T3
DC Spark-over voltage 400-750V
AC Spark-over voltage 50 Hz More than500V
Impulse spark-over voltage at 5kV/μs Less than1500V
Max impulse discharge current (wave 8/20μs) 150kА
Nominal impulse Discharge Current (wave 8/20μs) 75kА
Max. Lightning Impulse Current Iimp(10/350μs) 100kА
Charge 50 As
Specific Energy 2500kJ/Ω
Insulation resistance more than1GΩ