Pipeline systems and technologies

Complete corrosion protection

Engineering services

In addition to manufacture and supply of equipment, CJSC «Pipeline systems and technologies» provides a package of engineering services by making justifying calculations for solutions and complete sets of cathodic protection systems for buried, offshore and harbor structures.

Cathodic protection rectifiers

A reliable and durable rectifier is a basic functional element of any cathodic protection system. Since the necessity in high output power of cathodic protection rectifiers is increasingly reduced by improving the quality of protective coatings and their application technology, CJSC «Pipeline systems and technologies» has developed and proposes compact cathodic protection stations (CCPS) as well as with lower power consumption, precise adjustment of output parameters and high efficiency.

CCPS powered by solar panel and wind turbines CCPS powered by solar panel and wind turbines


CCPS-PST may be manufactured and supplied as an element of a complete corrosion protection and monitoring system for buried, onshore and offshore facilities (provided with justifying calculations of parameters, technical, information and operational support) in combination with other items of CJSC «Pipeline systems and technologies» such as AG-PST, CMS-PST, RE-PST, IMJ-PST and so on.

CCPS powered by thermoelectric generator CCPS powered by thermoelectric generator

This equipment may be used as:

  • main cathodic protection unit for a pipeline;
  • local protection for facilities in hazard corrosion zones (HCZ) and poorly protected areas of extended facilities (main pipelines);
  • protection of process areas (control and distribution units (CDU), compressor stations (CS), valve blocks, etc.).