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Corrosion rate control


Installation scheme of CMS-PST-MetriCorr Installation scheme of CMS-PST-MetriCorr


CMS-PST-MetriCorr® is a system for measuring the corrosion rate and at the same time a wide range of electrical parameters of the protected facility.

Measuring of the corrosion rate and electrical parameters is carried out by a probe with a steel reference plate which imitates an insulating coating defect of 1 sq cm in area.

The system contains a surge overvoltage and overcurrent protection unit for measuring inputs.

Production of CMS-PST in the electronic production center Production of CMS-PST in the electronic production center

Operating Principle

The principle of corrosion rate determination is based on dependence between resistance of corrodible reference plate in earth and its thickness. The plate thickness can vary.

Parameters monitored by the CMS-PST-MetriCorr®

Parameter Value
Corrosion rate 0,001… 50 mm/year

OFF potential of the structure

0…± 3 V
ON potential "structure – reference electrode" 0…± 30 V
AC voltage on the structure relative to the reference electrode 0…100 V
DC "structure - coupon" 0…± 50 mA
AC "structure - coupon" 0…50 mA
Current through the rheostatic resistance control unit (RCU), up to 2 channels 0…± 50 А
Voltage drop at current-measuring leads (for insulation-quality assessment) 0…1 mV
Resistance between pipeline and casing 0…1 kOhm

MetriCorr Aps

Measure probes and controllers for the CMS-PST-MetriCorr® corrosion monitoring system are manufactured by the technology of MetriCorr Aps, which has been a member of Pipeline Systems and Technologies CJSC Group of Companies since 2015.

MetriCorr Aps was founded in 2002 following many years of research in underground-steel-pipeline corrosion processes performed in close cooperation with European experts in the oil and gas industry. These studies covered dozens of large projects related to various aspects of corrosion diagnostics and prevention issues.

MetriCorr Aps today is one of the most credible companies in the world in research activities and development of integrated solutions for corrosion monitoring and risk assessment of industrial underground steel facilities. The company’s managers are acknowledged experts in this area and hold official positions in NACE (North American National Association of Corrosion Engineers) and the European Committee for Standardization in corrosion protection.

The key competence of MetriCorr Aps is development of corrosion-rate monitoring equipment and application-dependent analytical software, particularly, for integrated data acquisition and processing on corrosion processes associated with stray and induced alternating currents.