Pipeline systems and technologies

Company profile

Monolithic insulating joints plant Monolithic insulating joints plant

Closed joint-stock company «Pipeline systems and technologies» introduces complete solutions for corrosion protection and corrosion protection of steel pipelines, structures, underwater and harbor facilities.

Our company was founded in 2006. Our production facilities are situated in Schelkovo, Moscow region.

Control and measuring equipment plant Control and measuring equipment plant

Main activity:

  • engineering services for corrosion protection
  • development and production of the equipment
  • complete supplies and site-assistance
  • aftersales service
Electrical equipment production center Electrical equipment production center

Produced equipment:

  •  insulating monolithic joints
  • corrosion monitoring systems
  • cathodic protection polarization cell
  • test stations and resistance control units
  • inducted current protection device
  • reference electrodes
  • anode grounding
  • marker plates
  • spark gaps control module