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CMS-PST adjusting CMS-PST adjusting

CMS-PST systems

CMS-PST systems are hardware and software systems for corrosion monitoring of buried steel pipelines. 

The systems allow to control with a given frequency the corrosion rate and at the same time the whole range of electrical parameters of the protected facility:

  • AC and DC voltages on a pipeline and currents of the Coupon;
  • polarisation potential;
  • AC/ DC density;
  • Current on the pipeline (insulation quality control);
  • Resistance to alternating current spreading.
Production of CMS-PST in the electronic production center Production of CMS-PST in the electronic production center

The system measures:

  • ICPD drained currents;
  • Currents of the RCU, protection groups, grounding, drainage;
  • rate of inside corrosion and erosion;
  • resistance between a pipeline and a casing;
  • parameters of analog and digital cathodic protection rectifiers.
Incoming control of the CMS measuring modules Incoming control of the CMS measuring modules

CMS-PST systems include:

  • CMS-PST-MetriCorr®
  • CMS-PST-MetriCorr®-M
  • MCS-PST with special software

Functional Characteristics of CMS-PST Systems

  1. The systems can have data transmitting channels as follow:
    • Satellite
    • GSM/GPRS
    • Fiber optic
    • RS-485 wire interface
    • Manual extraction of accumulated data
  2. System controllers can be powered either by batteries of various capacities (3 to 6 years of self-contained operation) or any AC and DC voltage sources. 
  3. System controllers have circuits of input protection against surge overvoltage (1100V/150ms) and overcurrent (20kA/20μs).
  4. The system elements monitor the corrosion rate and electrochemical protection parameters with a set frequency along the entire length of the protected facility and transmit data to a monitoring and control server MCS-PST and then to higher-level systems (system of corrosion protection control and management (SCPCM) and information and control system (ICS).

Data analysis and presentation

Data visualization as well as table, graph, and report generation are carried out with the front-end software of the monitoring and control server MCS-PST.

The software allows to compare corrosion rate data and the whole range of corrosion parameters on the one axis.