Pipeline systems and technologies

The GUARD software

This software expands the basic function of monitoring and control server MCS-PST in the CMS-PST corrosion monitoring systems and solves the following principal tasks:

  • To determine optimal current and possible CPR operating modes, including those on a «what if» basis, depending on various contingencies related to staff’s actions (setting of knowingly incorrect or unachievable values, etc.) or external factors (failure, power loss, etc.)
  • To identify a possibility of CPR disabling or output-parameter optimization
  • To calculate protection parameters at disabled CPRs
  • To calculate optimal protection parameters—to determine protective potentials on gas line sections according to CPR operating modes
  • To trace slow (seasonal) changes in the pipe-earth system’s characteristics
  • To identify dependences of protective potentials on CPR operating modes on a gas pipeline or a site . 
  • To identify dependences of the OFF potential (protection criterion) on the protective potential at each point according to CPR operating modes
  • To assess dependences of the external factors’ aggregate effect on corrosion
  • To monitor (with automatic tendency detection) changes in the pipe-earth system’s characteristics. To adapt a pipe-earth system model according to performance data
  • To perform cause-and-effect and logical-and-probabilistic simulations in order to plan maintenance and repair activities, depending on the technical condition of pipeline sections
  • To predict the condition of pipeline sections and CPR equipment for maintenance and repair activities
  • To support supervisory decision-making and to control such decisions

In terms of data visualization and report form generation, the GUARD software ensures the following:

  • Display of a process flow diagram with marked monitoring points, control objects, and parameters to be measured; graphs of current and expected values; time history trends; and points of limit values
  • Three-dimensional distribution of protective potential on areal facilities (multithread pipelines, compressor sites, and gas-reservoir sites)
  • Joint data presentation on the time axis and/or the pipeline axis for different database sections, in order to compare results of various measurement methods
  • Graphic display of equipment and corrosion protection devices on mnemonic diagrams according to Gazprom STO 2-1.13-317-2009
  • Generation of report forms