Pipeline systems and technologies

Cathodic protection system for underwater and harbor structures

Types of work

CJSC «Pipeline systems and technologies» performs the following types of work in order to ensure impressed current protection of offshore and harbor structures:
  • Development of an impressed current protection concept for offshore structures, justifying calculations of characteristics and operation modes of the system.
  • Consulting on issues related to assembly, installation, application and maintenance of impressed current cathodic protection systems.
  • Equipment production and complex supply of a protection and monitoring system.
  • Supervising installation and service maintenance.

An impressed current cathodic protection system may be nominally divided into several components:

Multi-model power supply units Multi-model power supply units

1. Power supply unit to polarize metal surfaces of the protected facility

CJSC «Pipeline systems and technologies» manufactures both small-sized cathodic protection rectifiers (CCPS-PST) to ensure local protection of a facility and multi-mode power supplies (MPS-PST) with high output power designed to power anode groundings located far from the protected facility.

2. Low soluble anode groundings

with coating made of mixed metal oxides. Groundings may be installed either far from the protected structure, or directly on it (supports, piles), or in any other design position with the help of special mount systems.

3. Corrosion monitoring system

Corrosion monitoring system (CMS-PST) intended to operate in corrosive marine environment. 
Reference electrode Reference electrode

4. High-quality and durable primary control elements

Corrosion rate probes and reference electrodes.