Pipeline systems and technologies

Social responsibility

One of the priorities of the management in CJSC Pipeline Systems and Technologies is enhancing the social security system for employees and their family members, improving labor conditions and leisure facilities. 

According to the Collective Labor Agreement, the Company provides the following social benefits for the employees:

  • A company vehicle for transferring to the work place
  • A set of social-domestic and sanitary-hygienic benefits – equipping meal facilities with necessary household appliances, water coolers etc
  • One-time payments to employees who retire from service
  • Various types of financial support for employees and their family members

The Company provides the following social benefits for the employees who have children:

  • A partial compensation for charges for the maintenance of children at children's pre-school institutions
  • Annual paid leaves on the Knowledge Day and on the days of the Farewell Bells in final-year classes
  • Financial support at child birth
  • Additional paid leaves for child birth, marriage registration, seeing off sons to the active military service in the Russian military; as well as to women, bringing up three or more minor children