Pipeline systems and technologies

Corrosion protection and control

at the ETL area CMS-PST-ICPD

Parameters monitored by the CMS-PST-ICPD

Parameter Value
Drained DC / AC 0…40 А
OFF potential of the structure 0… ± 3 V
ON potential "structure – reference electrode"  0… ± 30 V
AC voltage "structure – reference electrode" 0… 100 V
DC "structure – coupon" 0…± 50 mА
AC "structure – coupon"  0…50 mА
Installation scheme of the CMS-PST_ICPD Installation scheme of the CMS-PST_ICPD

The CMS-PST-ICPD is a corrosion monitoring system consisting of a drainage unit for direct and alternating currents induced to the pipeline, which is equipped with a controller and a data transmission channel. The direct current is drained at the condition that the pipeline voltage exceeds the given range.

The system allows to monitor:

  • drained direct and alternating currents;
  • parameters of corrosion situation at the installation place.

Electrochemical protection parameters are measured with a steel coupon of 1qr cm area.