Pipeline systems and technologies

Deep anode earthing devices

Deep anode earthing devices with a functional coating of mixed metal oxides can be used for installation in closed or open wells. These anode earthing devices can be used when replacing other types which have depleted their potential such as deep anode earthing devices made of magnetite, wire grounding earthing devices or scrap metal.

Deep anode earthing devices are several series-connected tubular electrodes, their quantity and dimensions are determined by the order. The connection of the electrodes is performed by an intermediate cable with a contact node, which is located inside the tubular electrode. The internal cavity of the tubular electrode is reliably protected from the external influence of the corrosive environment. The distance between the electrodes in the standard version is 1 m, but it can be changed according to the order.

A prerequisite for the use of deep anode earthing devices is the use of coke-mineral activator to fill the anode space in the well.


Installation in closed wells

Organization of wells and installation of deep anode earthing devices is carried out in accordance with the project.