Pipeline systems and technologies

Insulating monolithic joint

Insulating monolithic joint

Insulating monolithic joint is a permanent pipeline item which provides electrical disconnecting of the pipeline sections.
Installation of the insulating monolithic jointDN 1420 mm at the gas pipeline Installation of the insulating monolithic joint
DN 1420 mm at the gas pipeline

Insulating monolithic joints are installed:

  • at the border of sections with pipelines electrochemical protection;
  • at the border of the property plots, including disconnecting from the lateral pipeline;
  • at the borders of pipeline sections with different types and quality of protective coatings, different systems of electrochemical protection or significant change of soil electrical resistivity, including between above-ground and underground areas;
  • at the ends of coverage area of stray or telluric direct currents or alternating voltage;
  • at the crossings lines of multi-line pipelines with water barriers;
  • at the interface line of unprotected or grounded buried structures or equipment;
  • in other places where electrical disconnecting of the pipeline is required.

Supply geography

Sales geography of the monolithic insulating joints produced by CJSC “Pipeline systems and technologies” covers all the territory of Russian Federation at such objects as:

  • “Russia – Turkey”;
  • “Yamal – Europe”;
  • “Bovanenkovo – Ukhta”;
  • “Sakhalin – Khabarovsk – Vladivostok”;
  • “Power of Siberia”;
  • “SRTO – Torzhok”;
  • “Achimov field”;
  • “Kovykta field”;
  • “Chayanda field”;
  • “North European Pipeline”;
  • “South European Pipeline”;
  • Varandey oil terminal;
  • Ice-resistant oil platform LSP-1 of Yuri Korchagin deposit;
  • Import, storage and regasifying LNG terminal in Kaliningrad region;
  • Gasification program of Russian regions.